Hone thy geekishness!

Okay, so during NaNo I subjected you all to some of the things that lurk in my geekish side. And while that my sound derogatory to some people, I wear it with pride. I’m rather fond of being a geek, not to mention a nerd. (Geek and nerd are NOT the same thing!) I think I have the best of both worlds going on with a sprinkling of sarcasm, humor, musical theater and a rather outgoing personality that puts me a little ahead of the curve.

That being said, I’ve always felt a little alone out there in the great vacuum that is social interaction. (Though having an awesome brother has helped.) It has always been kind of rare for me to find people that “get me” but since I get people, I’ve never really lacked for friends. But… I’ve always felt that people liked me in spite of my foibles in kind of an “Oh, that’s nice dear.” kind of way. Whenever I’ve met anyone with similar tastes, they’ve always been a bit… odd and socially awkward. Some almost debilitatingly so. (Which is why me and my husband clicked so well, so quickly. We share a lot of common interests and very similar senses of humor. Talk about awesome!)

So, mostly, I’ve spent my life in the company of “normals” that may or may not understand something of what it is to be me. The husband and I have done our best to proselytize all things geeky to whomever has been receptive and it’s always something of a victory when they find a bit of their own inner geek.

Over the last couple years a whole new world has opened before me. Something so beautiful it’s almost enough to bring tears to my eyes. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, I’m finding more and more and more people just like me. And, of course, looking at it in retrospect, it makes sense. (Geeks and the internet? That’s a novel idea… :P) There’s a plethora of things out there that finally feel like they were tailored just for me and I’m in love.

Now boiling down to the reason behind this rambling post, this new venue of entertainment opportunities has had a new and kind of alarming side-effect. (Alarming only to me really.) I have discovered that I am prone to fan-girlism. I never thought had it in me since I’ve never really felt that strongly about anything in the mainstream media but with the heady heights of geek culture stretching out before me, I feel a rush that launches me into starry eyed glee. For instance, last night we finally watched “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” on Netflix and by the end of the first song I could feel that now-familiar lightheadedness and fluttering in my stomach that told me that I was back on the fan-girl ride. Neil Patrick Harris, Felicia Day and Nathan Fillion had me rapt from the first diabolical laugh.

So, here I am again… Another tick on the growing list of things that make me feel like a giddy school girl in the presence of their Hollywood flavor of the week. The frightening thing about it though, is that these paroxysms of rapture aren’t going away. Jonathan Coulton is still as firmly nestled in my fanatic, fan-girl heart as he always was though he has to make room for all the newcomers that straggle in as time passes and geeks keep churning out awesome.

Thank God for the internet or this itch to move would be nearly unbearable!


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  1. love ya geekster!

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