It’s been too long.

I’m actually in my classroom right now! Nope, no students, but I am sitting in my squeaky, cushy (pink, ugh) office chair and listening to music I forgot was on the computer because it’s been so long since I’ve spent more than five minutes in here.

The last few times I’ve been on campus during what is designated my conference/planning period, I’ve been in the middle of helping a student with something in the computer lab and missed it altogether. But not today! And I must say… What a dump! I haven’t had the time to do anything with the room since I have no student work to put up and I’m not staying later than I have to just to change the color of my paper to something more Christmas-y. Brown and orange will have to do for a little while longer.

Just two more weeks until winter break. Then Christmas. Then San Antonio trip with the Lion King! Yay!! Have I ever mentioned how much I love the sound of a clacking keyboard? It just sounds so delightfully productive! :D


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  1. I second loving that sound…even though sometimes it’s deceiving…like now.

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