::cough:: ::ahem:: Is this thing on?

Hey there, hi there, ho there! Hello, internet! Did you miss me? I mean, yes, I know I was here with you in spirit, but I’ve been neglecting you all much, much more than I should. As you can see below and to your right, I am done with NaNoWriMo, although it’s going to take some considerable hacking away and quite a bit more typing to create anything that looks remotely like a real story out of the mountain of B.S. that flowed during the month of November. (Wow, long sentence…)

Let’s just say that it was liberating when I entered those last ten words into that word count validator and hit the submit button. But as I’ve said, it is a little bit of a hollow victory with all of the work that I foresee ahead. But I won, so shut up, voice of reason! LET ME HAVE MY MOMENT!

Anyway! Moving away from NaNoWriMo awesomeness. Thanksgiving was nice. We decided to do what WE wanted (well… What I wanted… I think Aaron didn’t really care.) this year instead of being guilted into seeing one person over the others. The morning was spent writing and relaxing and come afternoon, I made some mashed tatters and we headed over to a friends’ place to have dinner. (Deep fried turkey: delicious stuff Marc! Good job!) The food was great, we played Taboo until we ran out of cards and the Mrs. Smith’s Apple pie was way better than grocery store bakery pie! And after Taboo we headed over to Kmart (just me and the husband) to camp out for our new-super-awesome-LCD-HD-over $100 off-TV. It sure is purdy.

After our all-nighter Friday was a blur of sleep and I seem to recall there being a cat napping on my chest at some point but other than that, nothing. Wait, I think we watched “Hellboy” at some point…

Saturday was more cognizant but I don’t remember if we did anything or not… Yes! Dinner and ice cream! Sunday we went to see “Ninja Assasin”. A really stupid action flick, but it made no qualms about that and just had fun being itself. Lots and lots and lots of blood and severed body parts. Some of the scenes were priceless and hilarious!

So, I’m back and hopefully I will have stuff going on that I can regail you with wonderful stories about though that never seems likely. (HOORAY FOR HORRIBLE SENTENCE STRUCTURE!)


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