Blessed indeed!

Since we’re not celebrating until this evening I’ve spent all morning hunched over my netbook taking full advantage of my days off. I just passed the 45,000 word mark and although that is only 5,000 words short of my goal (and I’m super excited about it), I find that I’m nowhere near done with this monstrosity and there is currently no end in sight. Looks like November will not see the end of furious typing or a conclusion to this unsightly, awkward thing that can hardly be called a story. But that doesn’t mean I won’t be doing a victory dance when I get to push the “I WIN!” button hopefully before the weekend is out.

I’m just thankful for my loving and supportive husband and for friends and family that have been understanding of my hermit lifestyle this month even when they think I’m crazy. Thank you guys. I love you. Now go eat some turkey! Or if you already have, I hope you enjoyed it!

Happy Thanksgiving. :)



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