NaNoWriMo Filler Post!

Yay! Isn’t it what you always wanted? A filler post!! :D

I’m gonna let my geek show and share some videos of my favorite geek/nerd related music. Enjoy!

First up: “Do you wanna date my avatar?”
As a recovering World of Warcraft addict, I LOVE this song and video! By Felicia Day and her castmates at The Guild. (Great online show!)

Next, let me see… Ah! For a mix of just about everything there is to being a geek (at least my own personal brand) “Yuri the Only One for Me” by the LeetStreet Boys. I love the boy band angle. (I really hope someone else gets some of these references…)

And last but definitely not least a song by Jonathan Coulton who I love SO much. Enjoy this live version of “Tom Cruise Crazy” (Apparently JoCo hasn’t recorded any videos. What a jerk! Totally kidding! Although sanctioned videos would be nice… ) with the oh so awesome Paul and Storm. Scientology much? ;)

So, there you have it… I would have included something by MC Frontalot but I couldn’t find any good videos. Is my “geek” showing?



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  1. Geek? Nah….

    Your doing awesome on your word count, by the way!

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