The Temper Tantrum or When Nothing Goes Your Way

So, of course due to my Google Docs problem at work, I didn’t get a chance to do any of the writing I was planning to do. I went through the work day, which as I posted yesterday comprised mostly of me watching students working on their own. I did manage to finally start and finish The Haunting of Hill House. Nice old fashioned creepy book that the movie “The Haunting” was based on. Only one part gave me the creeps. The ending was nothing like the movie that I vaguely recall seeing way back when.

Moving on. So all that time wasted during down time (i.e. Potential Writing Time) had me itching to write when I got home. We had a meeting after school that further delayed my writing so by the time I finally got into my car and headed home, I was raring to go! Lo and behold, on my way home I got a text from my Hubby that the internet at the apartment is down…

I wanted to have an all out fit with kicking and jumping up and down and screams! But, being the rational, mature adult that I am (Riiiight…), I only had the fit in my head and cranked up some rock as I drove a little faster than normal on the expressway. I was still careful though.

Once I got home, still irritated about the no working on my story thing, (and I had ideas, Gosh Darn It!) I puttered around the house, spent a little time with the kitties and tried to figure out what I was going to do with my evening until Aaron got home from school. The running dialogue in my head went something like:

“Man, no Google Docs, huh? What am I going to do? Hmmm…”

“Could catch up with the stuff in my reader…”

“Genious! No internet!”

“Right. No internet.”

“So, what to do?”

“I guess I could blog about…”

” No internet, no blog…”

“Dang it!”

“Any other bright ideas?”

“Well, I could watch something on Netflix on the XBox..”

“No internet, remember!?Geez!”


One of those moments when you realize how much we use the internet in our regular lives and how very crushing it is when it’s not working. I snuggled up in a blanket and read for a while in stead. AND this is why I don’t want a Kindle. What would I do if it crashed?! (Plus, it looks too thin. I can’t help but think it would get uncomfortable to hold for too long.)

::sigh:: I need a bubble bath… In a jacuzzi tub… With a glass of wine… And a good book… I could go on… But I won’t.


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  1. Thanks for not going on…GROSS!!!

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