Trying out a new look for the blog. I am really stubborn when it comes to changing its look… I love wordpress. I really do. It’s just I really wish there was more customizations when it comes to appearance. Yes, I am aware that if you’re willing pay a subscription it opens up the option to customize to your little heart’s content and one can’t be too picky when using a free service, (Don’t even get me started on the functionality of Twitter!) but I’m kind of a customization addict…

The one and only reason I started playing World of Warcraft was because the hubby was trying it out and when I saw him creating his characters I couldn’t resist the thrill of trying it out for myself. After that, the game play and story took over, but customization was the foot in the door. When we had a Wii, I spent hours building Mii’s as close to the way we look as possible and loved every minute of it! I know. Sad, sad girl.

So, don’t be surprised if you see the blog’s appearance bounce all over the place. And definitely don’t be surprised if I return to the old and comfortable.


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Posted on October 8, 2009, in Clerical Stuff. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. I think that’s my biggest problem with wordpress too. Not too much customization, but I tried to sneak some in anyway.

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