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I’m really enjoying this being able to blog thing! I’ve had such a hit and miss with work’s internet filter, it’s very reassuring to know that even if the filter decides to mess with me I can post from e-mail.

That being said, one thing that being able to blog during my down time is hurting is my writing. You see, I’m trying to get more serious about my writing. I really want to get published and I’d be absolutely thrilled if I managed to write something even remotely noteworthy. Who am I kidding? I was positively green with envy when I read about Neil Gaiman’s success recently with one of his kid’s books. 52 weeks on the children’s best seller list! Fifty-two weeks! :O If only, right?

Anywho, in case you couldn’t tell from the increase of frequency here, I’m really enjoying myself. I kid myself into thinking I actually have readers and I’m not actually typing all of this just to have it read by some bored bot somewhere. Hell, I’d be happy if it gave those bot scum something to chuckle about. Because bots can fall in love too, you know. (I’m actually so desperate for readers I actually don’t want to believe that some of the comments that get filtered by the spam filtered aren’t real!)

So, I guess the question is, how does one manage to balance being a prodigious blogger and a budding writer? I am well aware that ever now, as I am typing, I could be working on my book or a short story or even some crappy poetry, if I so chose. Instead, here am I, typing away to my imaginary or artificial readership. (I would be TOTALLY excited if an android actually read this! :D Wouldn’t you?) What is it about blogging that makes it so much more intriguing than other writing? Thoughts? Anyone?


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Posted on October 7, 2009, in Musings. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. I second everything and have the same aspirations, except I don’t know who Neil Gaiman is [my loss probably]. I try to convince myself that blog entries are worth my time because at least I’m practicing. Not sure if it’s working or, for that matter, if there are actual *people* reading my stuff; it’s probably just my friends who feel compelled to read it so that they don’t hurt my feelings. Augh, the angst! Anyway, keep clicking that keyboard and be encouraged that you do have at least one non-bot reading your stuff :)

  2. So wait … I’m imaginary??
    Dangit, I knew I was the result of a creative writing experiment gone awry.

    • Yup. If I don’t see my friends for a few days they cease to be real to me… That’s why I never call people. I forget they exist. (And you probably think I’m joking! HA!)

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