Workday Randomness

I’ve been meaning to mention this for about a year, but when blog time comes I always forget to. On the expressway, on my way to work, if things are timed just right there is an old man in shorts, a t-shirt and a hat that walks along the shoulder of the expressway nodding and pointing (in a seemingly “hey” sort of way) at cars as they pass him. While I worry for his safety, it also cracks me up to see this guy. What a strange man.

Also, this morning as I passed through a school zone, speed limit 20, there was a police car in front of me. The car in front of him decided since there was a cop behind him it seemed prudent to go THIRTEEN MILES AN HOUR. For the entire block and even a little beyond the “end of school zone” sign. (-_-) Why do people do this?


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