This may make me sound like a fuddy-duddy, but it really kind of sickens me that so many kids (especially girls) are really, REALLY buying into the vampire mystique. I mean, let’s really think about vampires… Aren’t they just over-sized mosquitoes in human form that can kill you? As a race, we tend to despise and recoil from blood-sucking creatures, don’t we? Have you ever had the urge to cuddle a leech? How about fleas? Vampire bats? Any of those do anything for you?

I think what started this whole train of thought was overhearing some little preteen girl exclaiming to her companion something like her “life would be so much easier/better if she were a vampire/bitten by a vampire.”  At first I kind of rolled my eyes but then it gave me pause. Was this innocent, albeit silly and maybe a bit disillusioned, little girl actually wishing to become a murderous monster?

I mean, sure, vampires have acquired a sexy, sensuous mystique thanks to certain writers, Stephenie Meyer being only the latest flash in the pan. And I must admit here, rather sheepishly, that: Yes, I did read the Twilight series. There I said it. We’re over that hurdle. Move on. I even took a literature class in college about vampire literature because it was better than taking Intro to lit. Maybe that has something to do with it. We studied the history of the vampire legend and the first appearances of vampires in written stories and let me tell you. These weren’t any conflicted or sexy or personable Edward Cullen or Lestat de Lioncourt. These were evil, blood-sucking monsters with supernatural powers that were given by the forces of evil. AND just in case you didn’t know: vampirism is, in fact, a symbol for sex. Go ahead. Be shocked.

So, closing point. Maybe. Is the sexual nature of vampirism what draws people, women especially? Is it a way for women, that have always been taught, whether directly or not, that they shouldn’t want/like/seek sex to explore sexuality through metaphor? (And for anyone that’s still stuck on the symbol for sex thing, just think about it. Penetration, bleeding, etc. Yeah, point made.) Is the draw to vampires due to the completely in your face sexuality that most people wouldn’t be able to face otherwise? I mean, if you turn around the symbol and see it for what it is: Vampires NEED to drink blood. So, we see men and women that are breathtakingly gorgeous that NEED sex. What would you call that movie? You certainly wouldn’t take your twelve year old daughter to see that, I’d wager.


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  1. hah … “penetration”

  2. You knew we’d all go there…

    Oh – and working out 3x a week with a co-worker DEFINITELY counts as buff-tober. I mean, you’re WORKING OUT… and that equals buffness.

  3. I agree with Jessica!!! Join the buffness and start claiming your fame in buff-tober! Come on in the water is fine!!!

  4. Lol! I’ll consider it. :D

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