An interesting, if busy day

I’ve been needing to get the kitties to the vet for a while but it just wasn’t happening. They needed to get their shots but they’re indoor and I was looking for a new vet and what can I say, I always procrastinate.  Side note: What an unlikely word… pro-crass-tin-ate? It’s fun to say AND do! :D

Anywho, last week I noticed that there were some wiggling, white bits in one of Molly’s “deposits”, shall we say. I wouldn’t have seen them at all but for the fact that Molly is horrible at keeping the litter box tidy, so much so that Elliot sometimes covers things up for her! Because Elliot’s world must be clean!! So says Elliot! So, worms. Yay. Not only that, but we noticed Elliot had what looks like dried blood on the edges of her nostrils that was causing me some concern.

The plan was that on Friday, which was supposed to be my day off, I was going to take the “Booregards” to the vet first thing in the morning, do a bit of clothes shopping (I had birthday gift cards that needed using and I really needed new pants and some other misc stuff.) and head out to Mom and Dad’s to do a drop off/pick up thing that we’ve been talking about for a while and hang out for a while.

SO, Friday morning dawns and I miss it, waking up at the late hour of nine and it was glorious! I take my time getting out of bed, wander downstairs, turn on my cell phone and I’m just about to start thinking about breakfast when my voice mail ringer chimes. Cue sinking stomach of temporal doom. Sure enough, it’s work. They want to know when I’m going to be getting there. (This is another, completely convoluted story that we will just leave alone, k? K.) By now it’s 9:30 and I let them know earliest I can make it is 10-10:30. Still needed to shower and eat and it takes at least half an hour to get there.

Cut to showered and breakfasted me, driving on the expressway, exiting onto “Work Street”, driving some more and I am waiting at a light literally a little over a block away, when I get the call from work that they don’t need me to come in after all… Yay.

At this point I am much closer to the stores I wanted to hit than to home, so I did that first. Which, of course, took longer than expected because I couldn’t find any pants that weren’t either too short or the waist wasn’t really high for some reason. (Do they expect tall people to have strange elongated torsos? O_o) As it is, I settled for some that are just a little short. What can you do?

Now, it’s almost 1, so I head home and make a sandwich, pleased as punch with my new short-sleeved “sweater” thingy that will be just lovely with the dress I bought the week before. Time is ticking away and the kitties still need to be vetified and I still need to head to my parents’. So, lovely procrastinator that I am, I went to Mom and Dad’s and spent a wonderful two hours hanging out with my family instead of trudging through all the distraught people and animals that awaited at this late hour at the vet’s office. My nephew and I sang the Pancake Face song that Aaron says isn’t a song, but I beg to differ. We sat around and talked and I took some great pictures of the kid. I don’t regret my choice at all! :D

Instead, I took the morning off today, got the kitties to our marvelous new vet where they were poked and prodded but they got treats and that made it better. I was amazed that Elliot, who’s usually a bit wary of people at first, was putty in the vet’s hands, even letting him hold her on her back to check out her tummy. She’s fine. He said the nose stuff is probably just a hold over from the respiratory infection they had when we got them and isn’t cause for alarm as long as there’s no sneezing and mucus discharge. And apparently there’s a new dewormer that you use like all of those flea and tick things that you put between their shoulders. No pill. No shot. Sweet!


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  1. I have a totally gross story.

    Our white cat, Alegre…well, we didn’t know that a certain kind of “worms” look like little rice pellets when they “dry out.”

    There would be all these hard pieces that looked like rice on the bed every morning and Tim (the husband) would pick them up, thinking they were like, pieces of her nails.

    Then we realized something wasn’t quite right…and when I took her to the vet, he asked me all, “have you noticed any rice-type pieces anywhere?”

    Let’s just say Tim washed his hands for like, twenty minutes…gagging the whole time all, “I WAS PICKING UP DRIED ASS WORMS!!”

    And – thank you SO MUCH for listing booshy on Temerity Jane – I saw a few people come from there, so I checked it out…and there was booshy. That was totally awesome of you. Thank you!

  2. Oh my gosh! That’s so gross!! But funny! Lol.

    And you’re more than welcome! I love your blog. Your stories crack me up all the time! :D

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