It makes me twitchy

So, I’m not allowed to get into politics. By my own admission and my wonderful hubby’s reinforcement. The reason for this is, I get ENTIRELY too involved. The idiocy and hypocrisy PISS me off! For instance, I do not understand the current rage against our current president by certain people. Sure, disagree with his policies, his politics and whatever else you have a problem with, but does anyone really think that he can be compared to HITLER?! REALLY PEOPLE?!

Anyway… Cooling my jets before the gloves fly off of their own accord…

All the hubbub about his latest speech, and yes, I am talking about the controversial (for some reason) school speech. Should schools allow it to be shown or not seemed to be the biggest question on a lot of people’s minds. I have to admit, I was intrigued and briefly forgot my no politics policy in light of all the interesting articles I was finding about it. And can I just say… People+Internet=Crazy Town! (And for the record, I HATE the term “pro-America”! What does that even mean?! ::deep breath:: ::count to ten:: Gloves still on…) But the views of some of these people was shocking to me. The speech was available to read beforehand, but the fear of “indoctrination” seemed to overrule people’s common sense. Some of these people were talking about this speech like it was going to be some psychopath explaining to their kiddies how to do evil things and get away with it. When did the office of the president lose the respect it used to garner? I hate to say this, but it may just be true: perhaps the fear has a lot less to do with politics and a lot more to do with race.

But moving on, more and more it seems the people that choose to speak out against, well, anything sound like flipping idiots! They are illogical. They are rude. They mostly seem like the conspiracy theorist types that huddle in basements with maps of some kind and I guess that’s the craziest thing of all. These are normal people! I’m sure someone you know, maybe even someone near and dear to you has at some point turned into a driveling idiot when faced with an comment text box. If you knew, you’d be shocked. “You? Really? And I always thought you were so… normal.” What is it about politics that turns people into these foaming at the mouth, irrational soap-boxers? Sure, you’re entitled to have your say, but think it through. And can we get a check on the name calling, please?

Sorry… I’m done.

“Why couldn’t you have stayed calm for once, instead of flying off the handle! I hope you’re happy!” All too apt.


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  1. I’m sorry you lost me at “twitchy”.

  2. And yu call yurself a teecher? Lern to tawk good and yews korrekt spelling.

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