Har har…

Sorry for the cryptic post all. I sat down in front of the laptop all ready to get my rant on and I realized that the information that would have comprised 99.9% of said rant was not information that I wanted floating around the internet willy nilly. Am I the only one that this has happened to? I mean, my blog is one of the ways that I cope with stress. I kept a journal all through high school that was very therapeutic and I’ve transfered much of that same momentum of writing into what I do here so it’s really quite frustrating when that avenue is closed to me due to the subject matter that needs venting. Moments like that, my wonderful hubby gets an ever-loving earful. All I can say is person A said item 1 and that isn’t nice! :P

I also hate running out of steam before I feel that I’ve written enough. (-_-)


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