GACK!! @#*&!?

Decided to paint something on card-stock for a bulletin board in my classroom today. I had tried out colored pencils, crayon and marker but none of them was achieving the effect I wanted. So, I strolled down to the teacher supply room, found some tempera paint, picked out the colors I wanted and strolled back to my classroom. Using an old lunch tray for a palette, I shake up the white pour some into one compartment. Next I grab the blue and preform the same procedure only this time, I am stuck with a foul stench that can only be compared to rotten onion that pours out with the deep blue paint.

The scant cafeteria chicken I had for lunch threatens to be unseated but I swallow and manage to keep it where it belongs, which is to say, not all over the table I’m working on.  I trundled the whole mess down to the bathroom and rinsed it down the drain, still fighting with my stomach, who was thinking: “Well, at least we’re in a bathroom… Doesn’t that porcelain basin look oh so inviting?” I got the mess off of the tray, and still held on to my lunch, the bottle found a new home in the trash but now I don’t have any blue paint! Ugh! I can still smell it! I need to go find some air freshener!

By the way, is it just me or am I more wordy when I’m nauseated?


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Posted on September 1, 2009, in Random, Work. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

    • Why you gotta be that way, Marty? Especially since it seems you and I are the only people who still blog… Did some kind of blog rapture happen and we missed it?! Oops! O_o

  1. Sooo… did we end up in the blogworld equivalent of Left Behind?? That sucks!!

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