Showing my age…

Or not. It seems that I don’t look my age. There have been several occasions when I’ve been mistaken for someone much younger and frankly, it’s annoying!

Last week I was in my classroom, my students were working on the computers and I was in the middle of showing one of them how to do something when a security guard strides into my room and looks around rather sternly,  although he didn’t look like he couldn’t have been even 25. This of course derails what I was explaining and all activity stopped. I straightened up, (since I was bent over my student’s computer) gave him a courtesy smile and said hello, with a “can I help you” look. (In my experience, security guards don’t generally interrupt classes without a reason.) He scanned the room again and asked, “Is there a teacher in this class?” I gave him an odd look and nodded in what I thought was a “you’re looking at her” kind of way.  Again, scanning the room, he asks, “Where are they?” At this point I was getting annoyed. He’s wasting my class time and being a little too self-important. So, I squared my shoulders and I may have glowered a little bit (just a little, itty bitty glower, I promise) and informed him that “This is my classroom and turned back to my student, without another word to him… Sure I could have handled it better, but I don’t think I was that bad. After he made is halting, semi-apologetic exit (which may well be completely in my imagination), my students and I shared a laugh about it and got back to the lesson.

This topped with the waitress that carded me last time I got a drink and looked extra carefully at my ID as if she seemed skeptical that it was real is making me slightly sensitive about my age… Who’d have ever thought one could be annoyed at people thinking they’re younger that they are. Well, what has two thumbs and wishes people would get their act together? Bob Kelso! thumbnail.aspx

Wait, that’s not right… Oh well. (^_-)


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  1. You know…you’ll look back on these days and be grateful you didn’t look twice as old. ;)

  2. Thank you! This happens to me all the time (I’m 34) and I still can’t figure out a good way to respond; half the time I end up ticking people off because they think I should be grateful. It is flattering socially I suppose but really annoying at work. And seriously – I don’t look 23 and I really don’t think I act or dress like 23. Be a little more observant people.

    • Lol! I hear ya! People have always confused my age. When I was 22 or 23 and in college, I once went clothes shopping after class and had the clerk ask me, again sternly, “Shouldn’t you be in school, young lady?” I gave her my condescending eyebrows with a little bit of a corner of the eye glare and told her my age… I don’t think she believed me, but she left me alone. ::sigh:: I’m just hoping it will get better as my age equalizes. Looking 30 at 40 doesn’t seem so bad but for now it’s frustrating.

  3. True. But I smile and take it as a compliment … not glower annoyingly at them. :P

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