First days

I’ve always been somewhat terrified of first days. Even after high school I would have nightmares of rushing through the hallways, frantically trying to find a classroom that didn’t seem to exist anymore. So, needless to say, while I’ve grown out of the terror, some anxiety always remains.

Last night was actually pretty mild as far as First Day Eve’s go. I got to sleep after only an hour of tossing and turning while Aaron, the no-longer-birthday-boy (it was after midnight), snored away. I did however have some strange dreams. One of which involved Tara’s kinder dance, a trampoline, someone in an Easter bunny costume and a big, fluffy pink blanket that I ended up cuddling up in just as my alarm went off. O_o I hate pink. I think I might have kicked off the sheets and was cold.

It’s funny, the nature of my current job is such that first days are pretty anti-climactic and I KNOW this, but I still always have those awful first day stomach jitters as I get ready in the morning. Then I end up spending lots of time in my room waiting to see if the day will bring any students at all.


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