Crazy Train

A coworker and I were making a quick run to the bank during our newly shortened lunch half-hour and we got held up by a train. So, waiting, waiting, and the train went on by… LEAVING A TRAIL OF BRUSHFIRES! :O

I’m not even kidding, we were passing the tracks and saw smoke, lo and behold, the grass by the tracks had caught fire. /jawdrop  But there were a few people headed that way, so we hustled on to the bank. We wrapped up our business quickly and hurried back to work the same way we came. The fire dept had made the train stop and at intervals along the train track there were burning patches of grass that they were trying to put out. Strangest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

EDIT: After poking around the interwebs, I found out that it’s not all that uncommon for trains to start fires… Who’d have thunk? It was still rather shocking to see in person.


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