Well, I have blog access at work. However briefly that lasts. Hmm… Nothing to write about though.


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Can I have some coffee now, please?

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  1. Hi there! You seem like a fun person, I’ve enjoyed reading the random stream of consciousness writing you’ve done here.

    Blog access at work? Grab it while you got it. It sounds like you’re a teacher (if so, nice to meet you FELLOW teacher) and well, we know how clamped down those school websites can be…

    Of course until some smart alecky teenager figures out the secret handshake.

    The nerd

    • Thanks! I try to keep my writing “interesting” and to save the “I had soup for lunch, yays!” for twitter, but they bleed into each other sometime, don’t they? (^_^)

      And yes, I’m a teacher. Guilty as charged. And an English teacher to boot. I don’t think any of my students is curious enough to look beyond MySpace (because Facebook is for old people, my 16 year old sis-in-law informed me) to find my little slice of internet heaven. Here’s hoping! (^_-)

  2. I hear you there! I’m also an English teacher (well, language arts — I teach middle schoolers, so I have to make the term more generic).

    Nice to meet you! I am glad to see other teachers on here sharing their thoughts — yay!!!

    May I add you to my blogroll?

    The Nerd

  3. About Twitter: I use it for creative purposes only…I am assuming that most of the world (including my very own family members) don’t really give a rat’s ass about my current status. Instead, I tweet from my pets’ point of view. So, if you ever want to see what I perceive to be going on inside my pets’ heads, check out WordlyNerdly on Twitter.

    Or, check out the poems “Fat Bastard” “Devotion” “Lazy B*ch” and “Sweet Boy” on my blog. Fat Bastard will give you a good giggle, I promise ya!

    The Nerd

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