In all seriousness.

I was looking at a fund raising website for an animal shelter in Washington State that is being endorsed by a blog that I read and for a moment it irritated me to think that people were giving so much money to help strays instead of helping their fellow man (people making animals more important than people is a pet peeve of mine). But just as I was thinking that another thought occurred to me. They need help too and someone has to.

The profoundness of how many things need so much attention that aren’t getting it struck me and it struck me hard. It just sucks so damn much that we can’t throw ourselves into every cause and we can’t heal every hurt ourselves. How do we choose which cause is more important? Can we truly care about every little thing that’s worth fighting for? And if we try, how effective would that be? How can we ever love as much as our Father does? How can we live with the pain that caring brings? But mostly how can we live with the pain of not being able to be everything to everybody?

Who am I to say YOUR cause is unworthy? I’m sorry.


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  1. So my “Moar Candyz for Me” cause is finally worthy in your eyes? ;)

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