So, another day of TAKS all over and done with. I’ve spent the last two days mostly outside and it was 102 yesterday and 101 today. Let me tell you, I don’t like Cicadas. < Chicharras for those of you that apparently don’t speak English! (^_-) >
It’s been an odd week to say the least. Between one of my female students wearing a low cut top that had ::cough:: red marks scattered all over her chest/neck area and other students passing gas, the most interesting things about my week haven’t been the students. They’ve been stressed and panicky and generally unexciting. Most of what has entertained me has gone on inside my head, during the endlessly dull, silent hours of monitoring.
So, yay! Bullet-time! Wait… No. That didn’t sound right. Bulleted list time!
  • Due to my recent obsession with spiders, someone (thanks Hector) mentioned a alleged statistic that “You are never more that 10 feet away from a spider at any given time.” This gave me an idea for some sort of super hero that if they are ever more than 10 feet from a spider, the universe will implode. (I was bored, okay?)
  • I’ve also been considering getting into making sculptures using paper mache. Totally psyched about the possibilities there. (^_^)
  • A lot of my thinking was random and some memories popped up. I remembered, for no particular reason, that when I was a kid, I drew a bat once and got in trouble for it. (It had fangs… I guess SOMEONE thought it was a vampire or something.)

Hmm… Three bullets is hardly worth a bullet list. Oh well! I’m bored with TAKS week and anything that reminds me of TAKS, so I’m done! :)

BTW: Writing notes on windows in dry erase marker to people outside is fun! :D


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  1. that vampire bat you drew still gives me nightmares…there, are you happy!?

  2. Yeah… Like you even saw it! :P

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