A day in the life…

So, yesterday was… Interesting. And by interesting I mean volleying between utter boredom and incredible frustration. So, first off, in the morning I was getting ready in the downstairs bathroom and I see an ugly yellowish-brown spider crawling on the wall very near my head. I reacted immediately (i.e. thoughtlessly) and smushed the thing with a balled up kleenex. I then rushed to my laptop and spent the next half hour trying to find out what it was online and after finding out NOTHING (I know it wasn’t a recluse, but it may have been a brown widow, which aren’t that dangerous) I looked up to see that I should have been leaving for work and I wasn’t even close to being ready. So with a resounding “OH CRAP!” I rushed to brush my teeth, put shoes on, etc and rushed out the door. I was halfway around the building, heading for the car when I realized I was wearing flip-flops and I hurried back inside grabbed my socks and shoes (to be put on in the car) and hustled back to the car and sped (shhhh) all the way to work to make it just as the bell was ringing.

So, normal first period, no students second (boring!) and only one student (who happens to be our most obnoxious student at the moment) third. Are you sensing a pattern for my day?

So, afternoon passes, yadda yadda yadda, same old, same, although a little more boring than usual. Then after school, we have the same TAKS training we have every semester before every TAKS test that I’ve now been through five times. At some point the admins make vague comments about making sure we’re on top of our classroom management that none of us can figure out. (I wonder what bratty student is complaining to them about some imaginary problem that they’ll keep skirting around and won’t get resloved until it’s actually a problem.) Meeting ajourned, yawn. Leaving campus, driving down the road in the left lane. Then some lady in an SUV pulls out of a side street and starts coming into the lane that I am currently occupying, almost sideswipes me. I swerve into the unoccupied lane next to me honking as her passanger stares daggers at me as they pass. (Huh?!) Gosh Darn Double Frick!

A little shaken now. I wanna go home, but I need gas. Hmmm… The car is dirty. I’ll get a carwash while I’m at it. So, I drive to a gas station with a car wash (had to go out of my way to get there) and pay at the pump. La la la, pumping gas… Okay all full. “See attendant for reciept.” Frickfrickfrickfrickfrickfrick! And of course, long line inside… I would normal just say screw the reciept but I had bought a carwash and needed the code. (-_-)

So, finally!, code in hand, I queue up for the carwash. Two cars are in front of me. First guy finishes and second pulls into the wash… And you know that little cradle that you have to get your front tire into? He pulls PAST that and gets his back tire in it. So the machine only has three things it can tell you to do: pull forward, stop and reverse. It tells him to back up because his tire is activating the was and it’s sensors are telling it that he’s too far forward so he backs up a smidge until his tire is out of the cradle (He’s driving a BMW by the way) at which point the carwash’s sensor is no longer telling it that he’s to far forward because it’s not activated by the tire in the cradle so it says happily “pull forward”! he does… Again, tire in cradle, oops too far forward! Back up! He goes through this dance, inch back, inch forward, inch back, inch forward, a good seven or eight times before he realises, OH! THIS ISN’T WORKING! At this point I was ready to get out of the car and go explain it to him when he finally pulls far enough back and the wash starts. Wow…


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