I made Banana Pudding!! :)

Take’s me back to going to Western Sizzlin’ on Wednesdays back in Georgia! Yay! Sales on steak!


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Posted on January 11, 2009, in Random. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Yeah, I once visited a Western Sizzlin’ in Kansas City…it was very nostalgic. The smell of a place that has been deep frying food for far too long, great sweet tea, and a black waitress that called me “sugar”…too bad the ride had to crash and burn with a $9.00 per person tab and ULTRA SUCKY food! That and the Hardy’s weren’t there with us…

    Boxed Puddin’? Nilla Wafers? ‘Nana Chunks?

    Last week I made a batch of Chocolate-chocolate chip muffins and a cherry-cheese pie…yum!

  2. The New “Official” Path To “Nirvana”:

    Banana Pudding…meditate on that for a month or two…maybe not…UPDATE ALREADY!!!

  3. Yeah… Cause you update SOOOOO OFTEN… ;)

  4. more than you puddin’ pop!

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