As it seems to be a blogging day and I was gonna do this anyway, here goes.

“Elementaryisms” is officially offline. I hope you got to go back and relive the memories because now it’s too late!! The wikipedia game may soon follow… Just FYI.

Was thinking about blogging about something, but now I’m not in the mood… So bored!!


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Posted on November 10, 2008, in Clerical Stuff. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. We have five new gerbils… they are 3 days old…

    All alive all healthy, and I am pretty sure all are gonna make it this time around. Yummi is a great mommy…unlike Kairi the baby killer.. *sigh*

  2. Aw! I know this was a few days ago, so they’re 6 days old now, right?

  3. They are 5 days today! We got home this afternoon to find that their ears had opened sometime in the morning. There are two fawnish and 3 Agouti (<–I think??).

  4. How cute! Are you gonna post any pictures?

  5. I just got some really good shots of them nursing…I’ll post them later today…like not at 12:30ish am..but later..


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