Changes Always Come

So, our students here have already taken their TAKS test and we have begun the second phase of the semester and are shipping them (on a school bus) to a local community college to experience a college class first hand. This is a good thing, but… BIG RESOUNDING BUT! this means that twice a week I have to go on the bus with them over there and “monitor” them… Meaning make sure they don’t leave campus or anything.

::sigh:: While it seems like it might be nice to be getting paid to effectively do nothing for two days a week, it is monumentally boring! I take books and I read and I work on Arthur’s Story (shameless plug) but the time just creeeeeeeeeeps by. Ah well, I really can’t complain and neither can you, because seriously, that’s been the reason the story’s been progressing so rapidly. Don’t get to used to the frequent updates, it’ll change once things get back to normal.

Also, just FYI, I’m planning on closeting “Elementaryisms” as I really have nothing else to add to it… Unless Aaron wants to pick up the gauntlet… I’m just saying. So read it now, enjoy the memories, it will soon be no more.

Thanks, and have a great day!! =)


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