I’m Back!

Okay, so not only do I have a new job (yay!) but I just got my computer at work. This, of course means that during my lunch time and conference period I will have the opportunity to (cue fanfare) BOLG!!! I mean… BLOG!! (and the crowd goes wild… or something.)

Anyway, I’m now teaching Reading and college prep at a school for 18 – 25 year olds that missed graduation by a few credits or not passing part of their TAKS exit exam. We are with a local school district, but it’s a tiny campus with small class sizes and all that jazz. They’re working on getting computers for my room and a reading program that includes books, teacher led small groups and computer time with all the materials I need, but that probably won’t happen until January.

So, yeah. SOOO BUSY! With all my lesson plans and certification trainings, meetings and assignments. Not to mention grading and all that. And I’m tired all the time. It’s a 25-30 minute drive to work depending on traffic and I have to be there at 7:20. I am not a morning person!

That’s all for now, but look forward to hearing from me more often. Toodles!


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Posted on October 17, 2008, in Life. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Sweet! You were only gone for like 2 and a half months (blog-wise at least). Not sure you missed a whole lot. But welcome back just the same. :-)

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