Harsh Reality

It’s funny how the strangest things can bring things into a new light. I just got back from being a counselor at camp with our youth group and we had a blast. I really don’t get into the camp so much when I go, as much as I just love the chance to get some one on one time with our girls and connect with them in a way that is sometimes impractical in the normal day to day life of a youth group. I had the opportunity to spend hours talking with one girl in particular the night before we left. We stayed up until four when we had to get up at seven the next morning. We just shared our lives with each other, getting real…

Then tonight, we watched “Empire Records” at a freind’s house and as we were driving home I started thinking about some of the lives portrayed, the choices they made and where they were coming from and it hit me kind of hard. Just thinking that those characters really did show how life is for some teenagers and my heart cries out for them… It hurts so much to know that so much pain is in the world and so many will go without knowing the love and comfort that can be found in the arms of our Savior, Jesus. It hurts too to know that there are those that I know I can’t reach. Those that I would try to show love to, that would turn and walk away, unable to receive from me. I just pray that someone would stand up that could reach them. Someone they could relate to and that they would know they weren’t alone.


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  1. – and that, my friend, is the motivation for doing what we do.

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