Hallelujah!! (Part 2)

I passed my TExES!! I cannot tell you how relieved I am right now… I got a 279 out of 300 which is effectively a 93! Yay! And my “holistic score” is a 4 in a range from 1 to 4. It’s funny, when I got home from the practice exam with my certification program I was totally lost and worried because I had absolutely no clue what most of the questions wanted from me. I immediately went home and downloaded the study guide, which was essentially just another practice test. But thank God most of the areas that are covered in the test where thouroughly covered in my classes… ::sigh:: Now I just need to find a job and take the PPR… The fun just never ends! ;)


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Posted on July 18, 2008, in Life, School, Stress, Work. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Congrats!! And you were worried. (tisk tisk)
    BTW what is the PPR?

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