Not the best day…

So, yeah… My day started off lousy. Allergies acting up kept me from getting good sleep last night and I needed to wake up earlier than usual to shower (I usually shower at night) so needless to say waking up was less than enjoyable. Most of the day was pretty normal. The kids seemed a little crazier than usual, but the fact that days like that happen is in itself pretty normal.

Then lunch rolls around and the teacher I tutor with lets me know that the kid that I tutor withdrew. I was kind of bummed about it because we’d been making some progress with his reading, but hey, what can you do? So I go for tutoring and I’m asked if I think I could work with a problem kid. (Rumor has it that his mom used crack while pregnant leaving him mentally underdeveloped and prone to violent lapses.) Being with the teacher that they have him with has done wonders for his behavior, but it’s well known that he still relapses and has a tendency to lash out at people in authority. I’m not scared of the kid (he’s little) but I don’t know how effective I can be with him. It was a rocky session with his teacher having to talk to him a few times about sitting down and listening to me (he doesn’t respond well to women). All in all minorly frustrating but whatever.

So I get back to the classroom just to get called to the office for my evaluation… I was really disappointed with the results, especially after the other aides were talking about theirs. I’m pretty sure the evaluations were filled out by our respective teachers so I was a little hurt that my teacher didn’t think better of me. I really don’t know why… But in any case, I went home disheartened and frustrated, ready to cry or glare daggers at anyone deciding to be a jerk on the road (thankfully didn’t happen).

Wanting to spoil myself I asked Aaron if we could pick up Sonic. He wanted Whataburger. We decided to get groceries, go to Sonic, then get his food. Fine… So. I order a chicken sandwich with tots and a slush… Tried the card machine to pay debit… Doesn’t read. Okay, fine. It takes way to long for the food to get there and when it finally does, hand the guy my card and he pushes some buttons and runs it… It works! “They turn it off from inside.” Annoyed, we leave to get Aaron’s food. Open my Sonic bag on the way… On top, onion rings. Okay, fine. I’ll live with it. Not what I wanted but whatever. At Whataburger I wait in the car for Aaron. Pull out the onion rings to get my sandwich… It’s a burger! Needless to say by this point in my day, I wanted to scream bloody murder but we went home to put the cold stuff away and I went back. By the time I got home, I’d lost my appetite and ended up putting most of my sandwich in the fridge for tomorrow or whenever…

::sigh:: Could have been worse. I guess.


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