Spring Break…

…is over. :(

We marked the return to work from the cross-stitching, movie watching bliss that was Spring Break, and OH! the return was the worst kind… Inservice. All day sitting in the sanctuary at our church (yeah, don’t know how I feel about that one, but that’s a different blog altogether, now isn’t it?) listening to a huge, heaping helping of BORING! First there was a speaker that claimed she was motivational, but I beg to differ. Followed by lunch. That was nice. And then we had to sit through a presentation about an issue in the district (not mentioning particulars for the sake of anonymity. Nothing interesting or scandalous) that I had already sat through at work last week! Ick! Anyway, the only remotely saving grace was the last speaker, who was moderately funny, even if he did run over time. His was the only section that I didn’t doodle in my notebook all the way through… You should see The Boring Monster! He says POGROM!


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Posted on March 24, 2008, in Boring, Life, Work. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. It really is an interesting monster. Strange insight as to what was actually going on in your head at that time.

  2. lol! Yeah… It’s funny though, “pogrom” came to me during another meeting when someone kept saying program and in my head I kept hearing “POGROM!” in a cookie monster kind of voice… So, yeah.

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