My new baby

I know, I know… This is old news for most people that know me, but it’s finally happened! I’ve always wanted to have one and now… I GOT A BASS!

Yes, Aaron made up for the Love Day debacle in spades! (Just kidding babe. I know that had nothing to do with it!) We went to a music store for strings for Aaron and ended up leaving with a brand new gorgeous bass for me! I cannot get over how impulsive Aaron is when it comes to buying stuff. We’d recently gotten our tax rebate and he’d off hand mentioned getting me one, but I didn’t take it seriously. But, on a lark, we decided to check them out while we were in store. I didn’t even let myself look at them but instead checked the price tags on the fret boards until I came to one for $150. I figured that would be a good price for a starter instrument, so I let my eyes drift down and BAM! She was gorgeous! Black edges that faded into a beautiful dark red. I called Aaron over to check it out and he asks, “Do you want it?” I was floored. My standard procedure would have been to go home, think it over, come back, see if they still had it, thought some more and maybe after a couple weeks if they still had her, maybe buy the bass. But no… He asked the guy to try it out and we went home with it… So, yay! I’m the proud owner of a beautiful new Squire by Fender bass that I’m learning to play. And all I can say is, “Dang! It’s a lot easier than I thought.”



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