Oh, the humanity!

The other day Aaron and I were at GameStop browsing and we happened to overhear a conversation between a potential customer and an employee about the PS3… The kiosk for the PS3 was playing a movie instead of the usual annoying game demo and the woman was asking the employee the reason behind this and he told her (stupidly, in my opinion) that some mornings it just didn’t work to which the woman replied, “Oh, so it’s not a reliable system? Because we were thinking about getting one.” (Right… I’m so sure lady…) The employee backtracks, stuttering “Uh… No… It’s ’cause… Umm… It runs…” The lady cuts him off “Well, I don’t think we’ll get one if they’re not reliable.” Aaron and I were rolling our eyes at the whole exchange and I felt sorry for the guy and tried to explain that systems used as demo systems don’t last long, but she was just being rude and stubborn so we left… Whatever!


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Posted on February 2, 2008, in Rants. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. you should’a given the guy a dollar.

  2. You should have slapped the lady and Aaron should have slapped the guy. Or is the other way around?

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