Who’s to blame?!

First and foremost, as I tend to be a book worm, I have finally given up on Hastings as my primary bookstore. I was loathe to join the masses at Barnes and Noble, but I found that my favorite section (sci-fi) was getting smaller and smaller with each visit to Hasting, being methodically replaced with manga (of all things!) So, after using the Hastings gift card I got for Christmas from the hubby’s mom and being thoroughly frustrated by their lack of selection I came (yet again) to a realization (did I mention “again)… Whoever is in charge of ordering is really dense… Okay, here’s the drill (on multiple occasions):

I find the first book in a series that I’ve been meaning to read. I go home, read the book and think to myself, “Hmm… This isn’t half bad. I think I’ll go pick up the next book in the series. Sounds reasonable enough, right? So, I make my way back to the store (eventually) and check where the particular author’s books should be and what do I find but……. the same book I already have. . . So, being generous, I think, “Maybe they just haven’t gotten it in yet.” and go on my merry way to find another book I think might be interesting. And guess what… Time after time, I return, hopefully, to that blighted shelf thinking, “Maybe this time…” But no, it is not meant to be. Every time, my hopes are dashed to the dirty, dingy, carpeted floor of our local Hastings store.

Some genius, doesn’t think “Hey, someone bought this author, maybe we should stock a larger variety of them!” Oh, no. No, no, no, my silly friend. That would be way too imaginative. Instead it seems, there’s someone, somewhere in the Hastings chain of command that thinks, “Uh… Someone bought book. People must like book. We buy more of book.”

HELLO!!!! EARTH TO DUMB EMPLOYEE IN MY HEAD!!! If it’s a series and people have purchased the first book, it stands to reason that they might, for some CRAZY reason, want to, I don’t know… PURCHASE AND READ THE REST OF THE BOOKS IN THE STUPID SERIES! RAAAAARGH!! ::pants::

…sorry. Didn’t mean to get all scary there. So, anyway that’s why I switched to Barnes and Noble.

The End


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Posted on January 14, 2008, in Books, Rants. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. “Rage. Rage against the dying of the light.”

  2. “To quote Bob Dylan”

  3. Have you ever explored the uncharted regions of “Ship to Store”?


    I think the real empolyee in the store is actually thinking, “thank god that dust-collecting book finally sold…”

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