Back soon… I hope…

Well, we got a laptop and hopefully I’ll be updating more often. Laters.


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Can I have some coffee now, please?

Posted on November 11, 2007, in Clerical Stuff. Bookmark the permalink. 8 Comments.

  1. Yay Stephanie is blogging again … sort of. :-)
    And yes mam I do eat “stuff”.

  2. it’s good to know that when you are just a phone call away, I can just wait ’til you see fit to comment back to me! Also, I second the “stuff”.

  3. :P You know, Chris the phone goes both ways!

  4. Oh Yeah!? Well, I called you a few weeks ago, and when have you called me back!? You’re just making up excuses!!!

  5. Grave of the Fireflies (live action), I saw this last night, the guy has the whole movie uploaded!!! It was sooo good! Yeah the anime is a little better but the acting is great in the movie… check it!

  6. Where have you gone Clarice?

  7. Dude, that’s creepy!

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