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As I mentioned before, I have had absolutely no time for blogging lately. Last spring I managed to blog so frequently due to the fact that I had gaps in my schedule at school and so had plenty of time in the labs to kill. Not only that but I also blogged at home sometimes. This semester however I’m only on campus two days a week usually and all of my time in the labs is spent doing homework, online quizzes and whatnot. I don’t have intrenet at home and I can’t see coming to panam on the weekend just to blog. So, I will not be blogging often, but I will when I can.

That out of the way… So, the wedding’s a week from today. Pretty much everything’s ready to go… Can you believe it? After all this time we’re finally getting married! It seems unreal. The time has absolutely flown by since school started… I looked at my calender last week and was shocked to see that it was only two weeks away. At this point I’m ready to let the chips fall as they will. Anything that we forgot obviously wasn’t that important to begin with. We have the licence, the rings, the minister and that’s pretty much all that matters, right?

I started my new job on Thursday. I am now working as a kinder aid for a elementary here in town. They’re mostly all little trouble-makers but it’s better than answering phones any day!

Anyway, that’s it for now. Don’t count on hearing from me again for a while.

See you at the wedding! ;)


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  1. Hey, since Steph’s never gonna be on here, maybe we should start another story page!

    Okay, you start!

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