It’s hard being an animal lover…

So the other day, Aaron and I were walking out to the car to go to the store and we hear a kitten meowing. It sounded close and a little distressed. So, we follow the sound of the mewing and find that it’s up in the undercarriage of his neighbor’s truck. We were a little concerned that it might be caught or something so we were both lying on the ground trying to see. Eventually we saw that she was walking around freely up there, but she was still meowing. We gave up trying to get her to come down and went to the store. When we got back, the kitten was on the ground under the truck and we called her a little but she was still scared. We had to go in for the groceries and we didn’t see the kitten again until later that night when I was walking to my car. This time, she was under a bush, right next to Aaron’s property and she kind of ran toward us when she saw us until she remembered to be afraid. We coaxed her close to us but she was still really skittish. I started getting a lot of mosquito bites, so I went home. When I called Aaron, he’d managed to pet her and stuff but was getting bitten too. We decided if she was still there the next day, we’d take her to the humane society or something.

The next day, she wasn’t outside, so we were sitting there watching TV and his aunt starts knocking on his sister’s door saying there’s a kitten on his mom’s windowsill. So, we head outside with a box and bring her around to the front yard. (She was really dirty.) In the front, I gave her a flea bath in a bucket and then took her inside to the “tv room” because it’s all tile and has a door. All we had to feed her was some turkey lunch meat. Once she was clean, her fur was really soft and pure white with gray spots. And once she was sure we weren’t going to hurt her and she’d finished eating she proved to be really curious and friendly.

Anyway, both his aunt and his sister really didn’t want us take her to the humane society so we left it to them to find someone to come get her. While we were waiting Aaron made some calls too, but, pretty soon a friend of Aaron’s sister said he’d take her and the little freshly fed and washed kitten was picked up and taken away… I couldn’t help feeling some trepidation at this guy taking the kitten as we (me and Aaron) didn’t know him… But it’s out of our hands now and hopefully for the best. According to Aaron’s sister, the kitten is happy in her new home, so, I guess all is well. I just wish we could have kept her.


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  1. My biasness against cats aside, kittens are cute. I can admit that. It was a good thing you did. I’m sure the kitten is doing fine.

  2. I am trying to get Chris to let me have a kitty…

  3. I’d like a kitty too, but allergies don’t permit. (Plus our whole, “no [real] pets for the first year” thing.)

  4. so what are suzu and hitomi…chopped liver???

    If you don’t want them I’ll take them back!!!*sniff sniff* lol

  5. :P Oh, get over it! I love the girls and what I mean by “real” pets is the kind that don’t spend ninty-five percent of thier time in a ten gallon aquarium. (It’s much easier to get someone to commit to gerbil-sitting if you’re going out of town.)

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