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In a strange, but interesting, turn of events, if been tagged by someone that found me using the pants tag on one of my recent posts… I’ve never been tagged before but it seems I’m supposed to post a list of 7 little known facts about myself. So, here goes:

7 Little Known Facts About Stephanie:

  1.  I like snakes. I think they’re cool and I’ll play with nonvenomous ones when I can.
  2. Most Disney movies make me cry. Only when I’m by myself, but it happens.
  3. I’ve lived in four U.S. states (Georgia, Florida, Washington and Texas) and in Mexico.
  4. I used to collect Littlest Petshop toys when I was younger. I still have them in a box somewhere.
  5. Before I started college, I wanted to be a chef (leaning towards pastry chef). The only reason I didn’t is that culinary school is incredibly expensive.
  6. When I was little I wanted to be the next Amy Grant, but I was shy so I didn’t want to have to perform in front of people. My plan was to just release albums.
  7. I used to chronically bite my nails. It was a habit that started sometime during high school that I kicked over five years ago. But, I still have relapses when I’m really stressed out. (If my nails are all frayed, I’m probably not having a good week.)

So, there you go. Hope I did all right.


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  1. Yippee! I’m so glad you decided to play along. It made my day.

    Such an interesting batch of tidbits about yourself. I agree that snakes are cool, though I haven’t met many in person. I hadn’t really thought about it that culinary schools would be expensive, but I guess they wouldn’t have the financial aid resources that a lot of bigger colleges have. Hopefully you still get to cook and enjoy cooking. Especially pastries. Mmmm, pastries.

  2. Professor of Mad Skillz

    I knew that Disney movies make me cry, but only when you’re alone. Don’t ask how I know. Also, don’t look directly into the celing fan.

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