When do you know it’s time to go to bed?

A couple of nights ago I was having trouble sleeping so I decided to get up and do some cleaning. My bedroom has an all tile floor that’s white to boot. So, I’m sitting there sorting through a pile of old mail, school papers and stuff and I find a small spider that I promptly killed, no big deal. As the cleaning continues, I pull out some papers that had that fell off of my nightstand and ended up under my bed and start sorting again. I’m sitting on the floor, indian style about a foot or two away from my bed innocently shredding sensitive matterial when all of the sudden I see something over an inch in diameter, round and dark colored skitter out from under my bed and head right for my leg. I gasp and jump, thinking it’s the little spider’s tarantula cousin coming for revenge when I get a decent look at it… It was a dust bunny. It was comprised mostly of my hair hence the dark color and spider-like appearance. As I threw it in the trash bag sitting next to me on the floor, I decided it was time to go to bed.


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  1. the title of this should be…

    “When do you know it is time to really clean your room?”

    answer…when you think dust bunnies are angry spiders..heehee

  2. that’s funny.

    when i stayed at my parents house I was in the shower one time when I was attacked by (saw) a daddy-long-legs. He was about 2 inches from my face. did i tell you this already? have you ever seen a 25 year old male shriek like a little girl and run out of the shower? yep.

  3. Why are dust bunnies called “dust bunnies”? They look nothing like bunnies. No friendly long ears to make you smile. No cute little nose that wiggles. In my honest and humble opinion “dust bunnies” should be renamed. To what, I’ll let the masses decide.

    Oh and by the way I too have jumped at critters that scurry out from under the bed. There is no shame in admiting that.

  4. those eggs are so cute..I’m gonna make me some and start shipping them all over.. heehee

  5. Yeah, I though you’d get a kick out of that, Elisabeth!

    Oh, and Marty, dustbunnies used to be called “slut’s wool” back in the day. So, call it whichever one you want!

  6. *shock* um…I vote for dustbunnies!!

  7. I take it you finally saw gunslinger girl!! your avatar gave it away!

  8. Yes ma’am. I really liked it. Claes’ story was my favorite… (Obviously!)

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