Wow… Pants!

Has it really been almost a month since I posted? I guess since I don’t have my daily annoyances at school to blog about right now, there’s really nothing worth writing about. So, let’s see… I found some dress pants on sale that are, wonder of all wonders, actually too long, which is fixable, unlike the usual pants, that are too short. Um… I got a sewing machine and am currently working on… more pants. Seriously, I always need new pants. Right now I have two pairs of normal pants that fit, a pair of really old khakis that are about to die and a few pairs of black, wide leg almost dance pants that I wear way too much, one pair of which are too short. (In case you haven’t gathered, I have a hard time finding pants that aren’t too short.) Anyway, I think I’ve gone on about pants long enough. I’ll try to update more often from here on out. Toodles!


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  1. I’m gonna be making some wrap pants and shorts soon…woohoo!!

  2. wait, do you make your own pants or just work on store bought pants. I’m always amazed at one’s sewing ability. that is an art that has me clearly puzzled.

  3. side note: my ex’s mom once fixed some pants for me through sewing. i still think she used magic.

  4. I’m making them with material and a pattern. It’s fun and not that hard.

  5. that’s intense!! you are using magic!

  6. Wow… Pants!!
    My friends and I actually started saying that lately because I wore white pants to school. When I searched it I really did not think I would find something on it…
    We wrote Wow… Pants! On one of my Friend’s pair of pants… They were white we were not to blame…
    (Edited by Adim: Sorry no “advertising” allowed.)

  7. Wow…pants!
    Hello Lzr…she still hasn’t managed to wash that out.
    That is the best name for pants I have ever heard.

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