I’m having another one of those “trying really hard to hide my ire” moments, or rather sessions, in the computer lab… Yesterday was bad enough with two of the “PARTY HARD!” types sitting behind me cussing up a storm (every other word the f-bomb) until I glared at one of them and they shut up and three fresas cackling on the other side of the room at the top of their lungs…

Believe it or not today is worse! I’m sitting between two guys on one side of me locked in a less than intelligent conversation (I haven’t heard “whey” so much since high school) and on the other side of me there’s a lady breaking every single lab rule that’s posted all over the walls. She plops down, pulls out a travel cup and a sandwich, starts munching while surfing and now she’s taking a phone call… And to top off my disgust she coughs into her hand for a while, then starts using the mouse again. Seriously! There are signs on every wall (typed as printed): “NO FOOD OR DRINKS ALLOWED”, “NO CELL PHONES ALLOWED IN LABS” and “PLEASE TAKE YOUR CALLS OUTSIDE!” Ugh! I can smell the mayo on her sandwich! That’s nasty! I think I’m gonna go be sick for a while.



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Posted on April 19, 2007, in Rants, School. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. steph! why didn’t i see this earlier!? this is an awesome blog!

  2. Thanks! Do you mean just this post or the blog as a whole? (Just curious)

  3. the blog as a whole.
    everyone knows that mayo is delicious. ;-)

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