And we’re back… in the car again.

Okay, getting back to my original intention a couple days ago. We’re studying gender in my child development class and she broke us up into groups and had us discuss gender roles in the media. We started talking about the ideals that are portrayed in fairy tales of a dashing (strong) prince and a beautiful (helpless) princess and how these images affect children, little girls in particular. It was my opinion that the ideal of a princess and little girls being told that they are princesses creates very unrealistic expectations in some girls that even follow them into adulthood. Little girls that are brought up being told that they’re a princess and all that, have more of a tendency to be spoiled little things that expect everything that they want to be given to them. A girl in my group disagreed with me and after a little bit of back and forth she ended saying, “But it’s good for their self-esteem.” I didn’t get a chance to retort with what I was thinking because my professor started talking again, so, here it is. My point was that it’s more important to teach them to be pleasant productive people than to teach them that “you’re a princess!” to make them feel good about themselves. What’s the point of teaching bratty kids to have “good self-esteem”? So what if your kid has good self esteem if no one can stand to be around them.

I recall some girls I’ve known like that… Sure, they were “princesses” but they also refused to do anything for themselves if they could get away with it. They also had ridiculously high expectations for what kind of guy they were going to marry. They fully expected to actually find prince charming and that he would treat her just like mommy and daddy said they should: waiting on her hand and foot, hanging on her every word and all that.

What do you think? Am I just looking at this the wrong way? I’m not saying that you shouldn’t teach your children to have a positive view of themselves, it’s just that you shouldn’t do that by itself.


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  1. Nah, girls need a wake up call. Tales abound of females who refuse to mow the lawn, as if this sort of activity is beneath them. Heaven forbid they break a sweat somewhere other than the gym.

  2. all I have to say is (in a whine) “yo soy una princessa”…*shudder*

    bad memories bad very bad…

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