Of princesses, laptops and classroom talkers.

During class I was thinking about blogging about the culture of princesses, but in light of said class, I think I’ll leave that for a later date… So many irritating things happened during my Memory class (which just happens to be my favorite class this semester) I just had to get it off my chest…

First off, am I the only one that thinks it’s freaking annoying when people surf the web on their laptops during class? Especially when you sit near the front and everyone behind you can clearly see what you’re doing? It is so freaking distracting! This is the second class I’ve had where some chick sits in the front row or close to it and surfs through most of class pretending to take notes… Last semester it was the student body president in my Hemingway class and this semester it’s some chick checking her e-mail/myspace and trying to find tickets to a cubs/astros game on e-bay! (Isn’t that scalping?) I mean, I would be more understanding if it was in a class where attendance is required, but come on! In Memory, he doesn’t even take roll! Why even bother to come to class if you’re just going to ignore everything anyway?

And I wish that was my only complaint for the day, but no… it’s not… There are these two girls that sit in the back of class and periodically talk. Not whispering, not even keeping thier voices down, but talking like they’re the only two people in the room. Not only are they talking, but they’re talking about things completely unrelated to the lecture. So, randomly through class you hear: blah blah blah… blah blah blah.

So, today, as I’m trying to listen to the lecture, I’ve got laptop girl in front of me, the fresas behind me and out in the hallway there’s a TV blaring the whistling theme from Kill Bill… Talk about distracting!  I feel sorry for the poor professor… You could tell the talkers were throwing him off. Ick. ::sigh:: I just have to keep reminding myself it’s almost over… I can hold out until December, right?


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  1. You had better. All this financial responsibility is giving me white hairs. Ack! There’s another!!!

  2. ahh..marriage, it gives you white hairs…get used to it! ;P

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