Here goes nothing!

One step closer to a career… I have learned of a possible opening to work as an assistant within the Sharyland district. From what I know, it pays well, the job’s not too hard, it’ll get my foot in the door into the education field and, well, it’s a full time job… I turned my application in today. I’m praying about it. You know, God’s will be done and all that! I just pray that if this is where I’m supposed to be that all would go smoothly and there would be no doubt about it. If it’s not, God needs to open another door for me. I’m starting to get kind of anxious here…


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Posted on March 29, 2007, in Work. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. “me foot in the door”? I think you’re taking your Puzzle Pirates a bit too seriously.

  2. There, I fixed it! Are you happy?

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