Sweet relief!

I just got back from seeing my advisor. She scared me. Before Spring Break, I went to her to change my degree plan from certified to uncertified. She told me she’d have it done after the break. So, I walk into her office and ask, “So, is my degree plan ready?” She looks at me with this blank, “what are you talking about?” stare that made my heart sink. She says, “Degree plan?” I started to stammer something about her saying it would be done after break when she laughs and says, “Just kidding, let me check on that for you.” She had it and I signed it and it’s all gravy. I have a grand total of 10 hrs left (after this semester) before I can graduate. That means that I’ll be graduating in Dec. or July depending on what happens

I was slightly worried that I was missing something in my requirements. I tried to make it so that these last few classes would have nothing but credits riding on them. So, I can take whatever I want. Yay! “Fun semester!” I think I’m going to take Intro to folklore, Beg. German, Beg. Sign and I don’t know what else. I get to register tomorrow, so we’ll see.

Has anyone taken an online course before? How are they?


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Posted on March 27, 2007, in School. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Frickin’ finally. Look! There’s light in that thar tunnel!

  2. You’re one to talk, mister!

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